Do you want your hard-working employees to stay fit and healthy? Are you keen to reduce the number of days that they take off sick? Then it’s worth considering installing a workplace gym. If your staff work in office-based roles which are secondary in nature, then it’s vital that they engage in regular exercise in order to prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancers from developing. A recent study revealed that “inactivity is as deadly as smoking” and that a lack of exercise is responsible for as many deaths as smoking across the world. This is something to bear in mind when you’re considering the advantages of installing a workplace gym. Many businesses choose to hire Energy Fitness Professionals to design, install, staff and run a corporate fitness centre in their workplace. Trust the Experts Energy Fitness Professionals have been leaders in their field since 1998 and have a lengthy list of satisfied clients throughout the UK. Whatever industry your business is in, it could benefit from investing in a workplace gym. To discuss your corporate fitness needs with one of the experienced team, call 01483 237050. Or visit the website for further information.

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