If you are considering a way in which you can further motivate your workface helping towards promoting a culture of health and wellbeing that will assist with cutting the amount of absences through illness and so boost productivity and loyalty then installing a company gym is an ideal way of achieving these objectives. The design and installation of a company gym is a specialised project for which you need the very best company to provide expert advice and to implement these plans. Such a company is Energy Fitness Professionals who have been designing, creating and managing onsite company gyms for organisation of sizes since 1998. Energy Fitness Professionals will work with you to design a gym that will meet your requirements and budget and can also provide staffing for your gym to ensure that your valued employees are provided with a full fitness assessment and personal plan to help them achieve their goals. If required they can also provide exercise classes and on-going support to keep your employees motivated and on track to meet their personal targets. To find out how Energy Fitness Professionals can develop a healthier lifestyle into your business, telephone the team on 01483 237050 or email [email protected] Read our latest article; Help With Company Fitness Programmes

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