Almost all companies recognise that staff health and wellbeing is a significant component of their future success or failure, and understand the benefits to their company and their staff, but many worry about the cost of having an onsite fitness centre. This concern about cost is a common stumbling block Energy Fitness run into when speaking to businesses. However, this is mostly a misconception. We run many fitness centres that have no net cost to the company. Depending on the model established, this is a guarantee that Energy Fitness can make.

Zero Cost Corporate Fitness

There is an easy way to achieve this, which on the face of it won’t seem appealing; however, it is an excellent choice for all those involved in many cases. The simple solution is to charge your staff a small cost per week or month to use the fitness centre. EFP has set up fitness centres with a membership fee as low as £2.50 per member per week with no contribution from the company. This financial structure allows your company to provide first-rate onsite fitness facilities for a fraction of the cost that your employees would pay to a commercial gym.

Assuming you have a large enough staff base, EFP can offer services – classes, programmes, personal training, health checks, fitness tests – generally associated with higher-end fitness centres rather than budget chains. However, we can do this with prices that are competitive with and often beat the budget fitness centres.

Receive an EFP proposal

So, if you want the benefits of an onsite fitness centre for your business with zero net cost, all you have to do is get in touch and provide the space. We are happy to put together a proposal that covers the equipment we can install, the services we can offer and the weekly or monthly membership costs we would charge.

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